Andres Montalban

Consultant, Architect, and Director in Montevideo, Uruguay

Experienced technical leader with over ten years of experience overseeing and managing fully remote teams. Knowledgeable about cloud infrastructure, agile development, and networking. Bringing superior technological skills and a can do attitude that helps teams and companies to thrive.

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Andres is one of those extremely skilled individuals that is never happy with the status quo. He constantly pushes for a new better and helps others to attain it as well. He always keeps abreast of the newest technologies and knows exactly how to best utilize them. As a manager, his directs would always mention how he cares about them and how detail oriented he was. If you are trapped in the dark alleyways of the internet and can only choose one person to get out-- he is the choice.
Shawn O'Connor, CTO, Perceptyx, Inc.
Very proactive and determined to offering the best solutions, Andres has lead several successful businesses. He is a very trustworthy professional who I recommend working with.
Ernesto Ocampo, Sr. Software Engineer, Google
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